ThermosphereExosphereOuter Space

The Thermosphere

You have reached the outermost layer of Uranus' atmosphere. It is scorching up here at a temperature of about 1025° Farenheit! Why it is so hot is a mystery. To escape it you will have to pass through the ionosphere and its magnetosphere. It will be a hard journey due to the temperatures, but I am sure you can endure.

While here you will find in depth information on the basic components of Haruka's statistics as well as some observations I've made in regards to her character along the way.

Researching the Basics

Deconstructing Her Name
Studying Her Birthday
Examining Her Astrological Sign
Analyzing Her Blood Type
Interpreting Her Colors
Unearthing Her Mythology
Exploring Her Planet
Clarifying Her Sex and Gender
Recognizing Her Relationship

Personal Observations

Her Genius
Their Feelings