It was more than I could ever hope for, ­

It was less than I could ever dream... ­

~Nyxity ­


Ah, the profile page... Oh, don't worry. I don't expect anyone to really come here. I just like filling out profiles, memes and such.


Internet Alias: Nyxity Lee
Age: Adult-Child.
Gender: Ambiguous.
Location: USA.
Education: High School, some college.
Occupation: On Medicaid.

Strong Points: Loyal and Dutiful.
Weak Points: Socializing.
Has Trouble With: Communicating and stress management.
Habit: Ignoring the real world.
Special Skill: Organization.
Hobby: Doing various projects of personal interest.

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius.
Chinese Sign: Tiger.


General: Reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, watching a show once in a while and dallying on the Internet.

Music: Alternative - usually rock or pop. Various other genres appear on my music list, but, yeah... I'm mainly for alternative.

Movies: I'll watch all kinds. I'll watch romances with the stereotypical girl. I'll watch a guy movie with lewd humor. I like horror to fantasy, comedy to tragedy. Just give me characters I like.

Television: I like mostly crime shows. When still airing I watched Cold Case, Without a Trace, Medium, Mental, House, MD. and The Finder. Shows I'm still watching are Bones, Criminal Minds, Hawaii 5-0, NCIS (both versions), CSI (all versions), Law and Order (all versions) and Mentalist.

Books: I mainly read fan fiction in all truth. Still, I have books. They are usually anthologies, horror stories and fairy tales.

Heroes: Those who were nice to me growing up and those who have managed to earn my full and utter trust. I have a handful of the former and only two of the latter.