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Outer Space

You have finally escaped Uranus' atmosphere and all that is left is space beyond. It is freezing in this void that exists between our planets and other celestial bodies. The temperature is -454.81° Farenheit. It is a quiet, peaceful darkness, though. Like all the celestial bodies around you, you are able to move freely in what seems to be a surreal field of endless fireflies.

Perhaps you would like to select one of the many glowing objects to venture towards? Maybe it will be a moon, a planet or even a star? The possibilitites are endless. Below is a map that can lead you to some other places you might like to visit.

Haruka-Related Fan Shrines

Wind Spirit : A trendsetter in its day, many Sailor Moon websites tried their best to follow in the footsteps of this great Haruka/Sailor Uranus shrine.

Sea Sky, Wind Water : A wonderful Haruka and Michiru shrine with plenty of content.

Sky Colored Oceans : A gorgeous shrine to Haruka and Michiru, it has stood the test of time and has only gotten better with age.

Official Sailor Moon Sites

BSSM 20th Aniversary Project : The official Japanese website for Sailor Moon.

VIZ Media's Sailor Moon Site : VIZ Media's Sailor Moon section full of their newly subtitled episodes of the original anime.

Sailor Moon News

Sailor Moon News : Filled with news and reviews, you stay up-to-date on all things Sailor Moon.

SailorMoonCollectibles : Love collecting Sailor Moon memrobelia? Keep up-to-date on the newest, as well as upcoming, releases of Sailor Moon merchandise here!

General Information Sites

Hitoshi Doi's Sailor Moon Encyclopedia : The first Sailor Moon Encyclopedia on the web, it has been an excellent resource for Sailor Moon information since the 90s.

The Sailor Senshi Page : A long standing webpage dedicated to providing information about Sailor Moon in all its forms.

The Oracle : The most recent Sailor Moon Encyclopedia on the web, it also makes an excellent resource for many Sailor Moon fans.

Research Sites

Sailor Moon Uncensored : Delving into the differences between the American Dub and the Original Japanese versions of the original Sailor Moon anime like no other site before!

Dies Guadii : A site dedicated to getting the facts straight when it comes to Sailor Moon and the information that gets lost in translation.

Media Related Sites

SailorMusic.Net : A database of English lyrics, Romanji lyrics, music files and more, this is the place for Sailor Moon audio media!

Manga Style! : An image gallery that provides scans and translations of all the Sailor Moon Artbook Collections plus more.

Miss Dream : A site dedicated to providing professional quality translations for everything Sailor Moon, it is also an excellent resource for raw scans of out of print media.

Fan Comics

The Realm of Sailor Energy(TRSE) : Filled with many comics, Jeffrey Anderson also is renowned for his Sailor Moon sprites.

Four King Hell : An awesome web comic full of mystery and humor as well as many familiar faces throughout Sailor Moon. Updates are rare, however.

MoonSticks : A really fun web comic drawn by Chibi Jennifer that isn't afraid to ask or point out the things on all Sailor Moon Fans' minds. Updates are sporadic.