Welcome to My Buttons area. In the process of remaking my website, I had decided to make little buttons for embellishments to my links. Each button is in a 13x13 pixel frame. I found the challenge to make a recognizable picture in so small a frame rather interesting and have continued experimenting with what things I can make with so limited space.

As my pursuits continue, I have decided to place them here as a sort of pixel-button gallery. After all, this website has started this strange hobby; therefore, why not showcase my progress here?

Mind you this, though, every button here is made by me. They are not shrunken images. I made each one in Microsoft Windows Paint 6.1. Each pixel was individually colored. To preserve color in GIF format I then converted each picture in Paint.Net 3.5.10. Therefore, please do not claim, edit, use, direct link, claim or redistribute the buttons!

Best viewed:
800X600 and Higher
Firefox 3.5.6 and Higher

The Pixel-Buttons...