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If there is anything to be said about Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, it is the endless combinations of possible relationships. Ranging from heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual to possibly incestuous, you can find almost any type of fan fiction or fan art showing support when it comes to a viewer's favorite couple. In the same light there are views of other sorts of relationships like friendship, family and rivalry. As said, it is endless.

This section of Silver and Gold will be dedicated mainly to the possible romances of Trowa Barton. Possible is the key word here. Any avid fan of the series be it the past or the present knows that the show focuses very little on romance and leaves all thinkable couples ambiguous at best. Due to this, I decided to take an in depth look at the main characters he tends to be paired up with.


Familiar Catherine Bloom
Acquainted Middie Une
Friendly Quatre Raberba Winner

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