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The Site

Here is the regular "about the site" area. Topics such as the origins, reasons, credits and so forth are addressed here.

About the Site

I stumbled upon Nyx back when I was in middle school. I was in the middle of writing a story called Touch. I use a lot of symbolism and the name just worked with the main character. It was later did I realize Nyx did not merely mean night, but was a Greek goddess as well. I began to read up on her. While I did not write a story in dedication to her, she did bring great influence to my story near the end.

I suppose why Nyx out of all the gods and goddesses drew me in was because like all of the deathless gods, she had an unclear background, more so than the more famous of gods, like the Olympians. To add to that, what is known of her is often mixed up or people only have a fragmented knowledge of her history. She has a very powerful history!

In any case, I have had a "fondness" for her for a little over a decade now, and yet there is little information on her. At that thought, I've decided to put what I do know of her as well as gather up all that I possibly can of her and store it all in this website.

The Name

I really would have preferred using a Latin translation of the name, but I am not fluent in the language, so I kept it simple. I thought of using Eternal, Forever or Endless added to Night. Eternal could have worked since she is a deathless. Forever was discarded because I believe there is some sort of show or book called Forever Knight. Endless stuck, however.

Perhaps the reason was due to the fact that my quest to find sources seemed to be full of endless disappointments. There is the case of Nyx having no definitively known beginning, nor a most certain end in regards to mythology. Maybe I just like the ring to it.

The Shrine Creator

Eh... this page is a subdivision of Nyxity-Lee.Com, a site that has a lot of stuff to do with me. Information about me is here. If you wish to contact me, more information in regards to that is here.

The Greek and Latin Information

While I am mainly quoting information, there are things that are solely mine. I sorely hate using other people's work and try my best to do things on my own. I like having things as true to the fact as possible. On the Internet one can find various sites that house a little bit of information on Nyx, but when you look at the surface it all seems to contradict or have certain differences. I hit the libraries, stores and various other places instead and learned a great deal more about her and where all the different stories came from. While I could rewrite everything in an essay, I think it is better to show the source for better impact of what is true.

The only issue at hand, however, is that since all the texts regarding her are translated from Greek or Latin, many translations vary. I merely use what I can find. I have seen quotes regarding Nyx in certain texts, but when I find the play, poem, or whatever form it may be in, the translation is so different that sometimes Nyx or other gods are not even noted in the same context. An example would be Vergil's Aeneid. Before the entry into Hades' realm, there are sacrifices made to certain gods and goddesses. In one translation sacrifices are made to Nyx, Gaia, Persephone and Hades. In another, there is no mention of Gaia at all.

Therefore, all I can say is, all of the information here is as accurate as I can find it.

The Other Information

Sometimes I just cannot find a book source, so I have relied on some Internet sources. Again, most of them stay along the lines of book reference though. Any Greek or Latin text used from a website source is usually from books or are English translated versions from their original form. The only Internet sources I am not so leery about are ones for symbolism and deeper meanings. Those are not so often quoted as they are merely given the source page.

The Credits

Usually I would list all the credits on one page. This time, however, the credits are listed at the bottom of the respective pages that quote them. Book sources are listed first and are usually in the order that the quote is used from. After that, any Internet source I might have use is listed as well and works as a link to the site.

The Usage of Material

I really do not want anyone to copy anything on this site and claim he or she found all of the information. Do you know the countless nights and days I spent? Of course you don't. Simply put though, I had migraines for weeks and slept little. I'm obsessive and while it does a number on my health, I get quick results in my work.

The sources given are for whoever wishes to use the information can go look it up on his or her own. He or she can find whatever copy of the text is in his or her area.

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