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Welcome to the website's in depth section. Mainly consisting of observations, this area holds my take on Kaoru Orihara's character.

Kaoru's Identity

Kaoru is a woman who is not afraid to follow her heart nor will heed to others expectations. She is her own person. She is perceptive and often observes what goes on around her. She is not one to hold herself back.

Despite her young age, she is sophisticated and wise. She has a strong sense of right and wrong. She is against any form of wrongdoing or abuse of power. Kaoru does not take well to quarrels or petty tricks and will be the first to end them or show disapproval. When an injustice is done to a person, she will go to the person to comfort in her own way.

Kaoru is a hard worker. It is shown through her intensity at basketball. She trains constantly, keeping in shape and sharp with her skills. Not only is her body trained hard, but so is her mind. She is diligent and focused. She does not tolerate those who interrupt learning. Be it in class or at a library, she is keen on excelling in knowledge. Despite that, it does not mean she is perfect. She has her weak points, such as cooking.

Her mood can fluctuate as well. One moment she can be silent and observant while the next she is jumping in and yelling with force. All are usually well considered before acted though. It is a rarity for her to jump to a conclusion and when she does it is when her emotions have gotten the best of her, usually panic. She will always catch herself and apologize for any wrong that is caused by her. She is passionate always and has an incredible love for life. A deeply compassionate person, Kaoru does not easily dismiss people who do not value their lives like they should. She is also a self-sacrificing individual and dedicated to those she cares about most.

Kaoru's Strengths

Here to gain knowledge of leadership, independence and decision-making skills, Kaoru strives to do her best possible when involved in anything that requires her innovative thinking. She is also very bright. She is usually very careful in her approach to things and has a sensitive mind. Her ways of judgment is usually very polished, elegant and simple. Kaoru is often emotional and expressive of her feelings. She is empathetic and affectionate.

She is self-sufficient, thinks for herself, and is determined to get to places on her own. In fact, she is a leader by nature and has the ability to gain followers. She is one to meet difficulties with bravery.

Kaoru is usually extremely nice and kind. She loves everyone and is in love with life. She is very gracious and polite. Kaoru is the gentle, sympathetic type. She is the sort of person that is usually seen with a smile and has a kind word for everyone. She is considerate and nice to even those she does not know very well.

Her true beauty is an inner one, not to say that she lacks neatness, cleanliness and smartness! She just is not one to preoccupy herself over appearances. She is the type who likes to look good while expressing her natural sense of taste. She is also very talented. She has natural abilities that amaze or frustrate others.

She is very thorough. She considers everything and everyone. When others approach her, she listens and thinks on what the person has to say. She is a survivor and is always taking into consideration how things affect her.

Kaoru is all about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. She believes life is about bonding with people as well as nature. Most of all she believes that life is about the right for an individual to be his or her own person.

Kaoru's Weaknesses

She can be unstable, moody and hopelessly confused. Kaoru can be the unwise, irrational type when tables are turned. Her negative attitude can be that of a person with a death wish. She can be obsessed with fatality and her own mortality. At her worst, she could be considered dead on the inside already. Her thinking is erratic and can give the sense lacking sanity.

The "destructive Kaoru" says things of little sense and likely do not make sense to her either. She cannot do much when in such a state however, due to great uncertainty. During these times, her mind works backwards. She will keep pouring information in; however, her mind is never filled.

She can become impossible to deal with and make things more difficult than need be. She is not one to do well with inevitability. The destructive her does not finish things she starts. When approached in bad terms, she becomes bewildered. She is likely to become illogical, inept and forgetful. If things go bad, she will feel lacking and empty. She feels dead and likely will hide or avoid.

She is hopeless when in this state. She becomes lacking in luster, tired and careless for her well being. She can be intolerant, distrustful and desperate. Her view of life around her becomes limited and she is shortsighted. She is soon one of confinement rather than her usual free state. She becomes frustrated mind and body. She no longer sees the big picture and finds life to be too exhausting - a waste of time and energy. She becomes distant in mind. She exhausts her reserve for energy when in such a state. If she is approached in the wrong way, she will panic.

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