A feeling of kindness kindles my heart
When the first breath of night has come
Alone in the darkness and the shadows in folds
For once I feel as one
The inky night devours me into its very heart
And at once the aching comes

It drips down incessantly with the waxing moon
Lunacy and pain for once can be known
For the light of day covers such things
Till they are evident no more

But in the night you can feel its presence
In the blinding darkness the melancholy lingers
The pain harbors and takes vacancy with the soul
But now as the shadows wrap their loving arms
About those in this thing called night
I feel okay again...

Because even though it can bring pain and grief...
It can save those enduring such things too...

I think this was the one... I showed it to a friend. She said it wasn't so much a poem as it was a string of thoughts put in the format of a poem. Oh, well...