Hear what I am not saying
Do not listen to these lies
I want you to look deeper
For the truth hidden
Far within my eyes

When I say it is nothing
Do not listen to those words I say
What I am really asking
Is for you to hold me
For that is what I pray

Please, will you hear-
What I am not saying...

If I were to ask you
Not to pay me any kind of mind
What I am really saying
Is that I need you
To be understanding and kind

Remember that time I asked you
Not to look at me
The thing I really wanted to say
Was please see my tears
The ones that are locked in me

Please, will you hear-
What I am not saying...

When I say that I do not matter,
That you should not care
What I am truly saying
Is, please, will you
Forever always be there

All I ask of you is please hear
What I am not saying.

Sadly, sometimes one feels he or she must be strong. Perhaps it is pride... Perhaps it is fear... Perhaps it is lack of hope. In all my pain during my adolescence, though... I wished someone had noticed. I wished my "peers" could read my anger, pain and solemn ways for what they were - I was drowning.

I'm not particularly articulate when speaking, however. Even more, when speaking adolescents usually made fun of the "big words" I used then to this day. It was useless... it was always so useless with them. To my fortune, though... I had met a fellow "man thrown overboard" in the middle of all this.