Distinctly I remember, many years ago,
Of an antisocial student who was known as Joe.

He was always contemplating
And created great illusions in his head.
He buried himself in a fascinating world,
Constantly leaving the world he dreaded.

His complex life was incomprehensible
For his father to understand.
Children irked Joe's mother,
So she never gave him a friendly hand.

In his own world, Joe was brilliant, sophisticated and cool;
No one dared to push him down.
Generally, if anyone did,
He'd force his or her smile into a frown.

Clearly, I remember
That assertive boy;
He always buried himself in extra curriculum
Or played with his computer toys.

Apparently, the football team picked on him,
Annoying him persistently.
He was never granted peace. All that he was given
Was torment poured on vigorously.

Ironically, all they did
Was unleashed a fierce tiger.
In return for their confiscating his esteem,
He let them see his internal fire.

Joe's father never investigated
Or saw his wife despised the boy enthusiastically.
She flourished the boy with belittling,
Lies full of venom and cruelty.

To the world he was a wicked boy,
But inside he was deteriorating.
No one ever liked him;
The thought of being his friend was degrading.

Joe never talked in class before;
No one ever conceived of him doing that!
The only things he ever did
Was draw or read in class.

He was just the weird kid
Who kids got their twisted pleasure from.
Now everyone wishes they hadn't
Been so quick with their predilections.

Now, we all try to eradicate
That day from our memory,
But all we can do is reminisce
In our guilt and stupidity.

No one will ever forget that day.
That is the price we'll eternally pay.

I had a writing assignment for English. We drew random words from magazines and then had to work them into a story. Mine wound up a poem.

The topic? Well... in school there is always bullying, teasing and so forth. I would be one to know. The problem that will always exist in hand with that, though, is even the "it was just a joke" teasing will drive someone over the edge. There will always be the kid who is truly hurt, truly desperate...