Oceanic Night

He's an angel with only one wing
The sky is a place he isn't meant for
Where the sun's flames eats everything
And you're scorched if you're to ever soar.

...A pane of glass on which he fell
A wing had been eaten off his shoulder...

Never was he meant for the flaming blue sky
With a fire that ignites, eating at planets
The very place where he would surely die
The day is his time for pain and lament.

...A sunless sky is what he wants
Where he would be with the glittering stars...

There he lays with no breath in him
On a vast bed, the shimmering sea
He feels like he's in the lure of the wind
And he's light as bird and he feels free.

...Charmed by the waves he is lulled to sleep
And his one wing is mended in weightlessness...

Given lightness the sky once promised
There's no need for vanishing dreams
For once there is a feeling of bliss
The sky wasn't his place it seemed.

...Floating there watched over by the endless stars
He rests in the arms of the placid oceans...

There is no need to run anymore in this life
Together he'll be with the comforting sea
Drifting with the stars in an endless night
He's in an escape to his place of serenity.

...This is the escape in time and space where he is the wind
That is caressed in the endless oceanic night of stars and dreams.

Sometimes we can find our own little places to be our heaven when the heaven of the majority just isn't our place to be.