Lie safe inside myself
Bleed out shadows
Wrapped in protection
I'm not broken here
I don't need to be fixed

Fall into myself
Stop the pain
Keep it on the outside
Close my eyes now
Let me be color blind

Hide deep within myself
Turn off every light
Don't want to be seen
No face do I hold now
Incognito now I am.

Lie inside myself for always
Look out the imaginary window
Fear resides constantly
Watch the world pass me by
Lock myself in reverie

Sleep in this dream always
Place a collar on my neck
Stay here away from the world
Rest in the calm grays and blacks
Blues wash over this tired soul

Die in here always
Lost within this darkness
Afraid of what is left in this cell
The resemblance of a face
Lost in this I'm not breathing.

Trapped in this cell for too long
Everything is hollow now
Sanctuary is now hell
No one can find me anymore
Imprisoned by myself

Shackled in my walls oh so long
Terrified of what this place has become
Alone with a dying soul
Eaten away by shadows
This blackness is killing me

Locked in my basement of shame so long
There is no door for a key
Nothing can undo this chains
This brank won't come off
Can't find myself as I'm dying.

Tried to kill the pain but now there is more
Hoped to forget the wounds
Anxiety is intense now it won't leave
I'm shattered to pieces here
I can't find all the pieces

Wanted to escape the fear so there was no more
Thought everyone was fooled
Nothing ever was and it will never be
Can no longer see light out side the window
Too blind to find the way

Could no longer love myself anymore
People only see my mask and think I'm fine
Bleeding inside myself as I'm screaming
My voice is muffled and I can't get out
Unable to save myself now.

I am gone.

I suppose this would be a poetic telling of my "basement".