The unknown is impossible
Those feats are too hard, you are too low
It is better safe than to be sorry
Don't fear what you don't know

Crushes are bittersweet
Those feelings can make you fall
That's why they are called "Crushes".
Don't let them leave you empty, stand up tall

Little things mean nothing
I used to think they were
They aren't insignificant
Don't let them fade into a blur

There is a threat commonly said
If you move you will surely die
I am dead and yet I can move
Don't let what you have pass you by

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Franklin D. Roosevelt, yeah? In sixth grade we were to make a small biography for ourselves in reading class. One of the things listed was fears. At the time, I was rather... jaded, depressed, et cetera... Therefore, it was rather hard to determined what I feared...

In the end I wrote "Fear itself." The teacher must have thought I was being cheeky, but in all simplicity, it was the most logical conclusion I had. I wrote it not as a quote, but as something to keep note of: to live always second guessing, always fearing the outcome... that is the worst fear one could live with. That is what a person should fear most of all: to live only by limitations of fear.

I of course was unable to articulate this view into speech for her, so she made me change my "fear". I believe I wrote something along the lines of "fearing my own irrational fears." That didn't sum it up so clearly.