I have been weaved
Closely into your grasp
It leaves me unable to forget you,
Or of the moments we shared last
I know now of the things
I could never see
I had no point of running
Unless you were with me

Just I alone made half the distance,
But you held me back again
I would feel the cold chill
One that led me back to suffering
But I could feel freedom,
Those brief moments of soaring
Until once again I was beaten down
To the past I want to leave
You made it half the distance
Towards your goal
But it was a waste of time,
I held you behind once again

My shackles that hold me
Back from soaring, you are
The many chains that twist
About you, I am
You hold me back,
Leashing me to my cell;
I can't leave you behind
This is our fate,
This endless waltz?
I'll break through for your sake;
That will be my destiny

I am a slave with
In your scheme of clinging
Forever keeping you
In my embrace of friendship
Take your pieces
Of remembrance of me and leave me
You don't need me to keep you alive;
I don't need you to guide me
You are my troubles
That is why it followed me so easily

We've gone only half
The distance together
We've only gone one-fourth
The distance alone
We can't go through together,
We'd be back to the cell once more
You'd hold me back;
I'd keep you down
This is our end, leave me now,
We have different paths

I was a very co-dependent person when it came to my friends.