Let me lie
Within my cell.
I hear the memories
Of lost yesterdays.
I am empty and lifeless
As if I were a doll.

Let me die here
For it was so long ago when I fell.
I burn in this autumn whirl,
This is the price I pay.
I am shattered and my empty eyes
Can shed no more tears.

Let the blood and pain
Sting my very soul.
I will be devoured by it
Along with my shattered heart.
I am suspended up
In this web of pain.

Let the shadows surround and take over
Leaving me alone and cold.
I hang being strung within
These illusions of iron wraps.
I am trapped within this black chamber
Created from my own despair.

Let me be locked
And let me be bound.
I sink clutched within
The web of my own melancholy.
I am as free as a blind bird
With broken wings trapped in a cage.

Let me be killed
And let it be slow and painful.
I want to feel this misery
As I am taken farther into the numbness.
I am broken
What hope do I have left?

I was emo before it even became mainstream (I'm kidding.) Also, in note... there is an actual time where you find you seem to no longer feel when depressed enough.